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Extending the Growing Season

November 15, 2012

Farmers’ markets have experienced increased consumer activity over the past few years.  Producers who wants to increase their income can identify a niche market by providing a food type or a service that is unique.

One aspect would be to continue to be able to grow fruits and vegetables during a longer growing season by using a controlled environment such as a high tunnel or low tunnel.

Bob Shelley and Lorrie Schoettler  of Stony Ridge Farm  in Harper’s Ferry shared that the farmers market there is now expecting to continue year round because of their low tunnel production of root crops and greens.

Julie Schaer and Amy Figgett, who each provide a variety of crops from their farms to the Wild Ramp Market in Huntington, have installed high tunnels over the course of this summer and fall in anticipation of sustained consumer demand this winter. 


For all who are interested in learning more a Workshop to Discuss Options to Extend Produce Growing Season will be held on Tuesday, December 4th from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Putnam County Courthouse . The address is 3389 Winfield Road, Winfield.

WVU Horticulture Specialist, Dr. Lewis Jett, will discuss methods to extend the growing season for WV vegetable and fruit growers.

Farmers who are considering growing produce for early market entry or installing high tunnels or low row covers on their property, should attend this meeting. Season extension infrastructure can typically allow producers to plant and harvest four to five weeks earlier or later for the average WV growing season.
Dr. Jett will discuss tunnel management considerations for:
1) selecting pest-resistant plants and plant varieties that will grow profitably,
2) determining high/low tunnel planting and harvesting dates, and
3) examining storage and handling considerations for produce.
This workshop is sponsored in part by a grant procured by the WV Farmer’s Market Association and by the WVU Extension Service. Please RSVP for space considerations by calling the WVU Extension Office:
Chuck Talbott at (304) 586-0217 or Rich Sherman at (304)-743-7151
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  1. Allen Arnold permalink
    November 15, 2012 1:28 pm

    This is very helpful information–thx making it available 


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    Reblogged this on growingadream.

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