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Wash Your Hands

August 11, 2012

The Charleston Daily Mail published a story today that pigs at the Indiana and Ohio State Fairs have tested positive for the H2N3 (swine flu) virus.  Fair goers are urged not to pet the pigs.  Here in West Virginia, the State Fair began Friday and will continue all next week.

Fair spokeswoman Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe said State Veterinarian Jewel Plumley’s office would be vigilantly checking animals before they are admitted to the fair.

“If they determine they think a hog is entered in the fair and (it’s sick), it’s simply going to have to go home,” she said.

Pierson-Jolliffe said livestock are already required to have up-to-date veterinary records before they can enter the fair. State veterinarians also will be monitoring animals after the fair begins, watching for any signs of illness.

Photo taken July 2, 2012 at farm in Dunbar.

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