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Bottle of Wine, Fruit of the Vine

October 3, 2012

As expected, when I married Graham 5 years ago and moved to West Virginia, I entered a new world in many ways. A part of my new experiences revolves around wine, as that definitely is the beverage of choice for him. As we traveled and stopped at wineries I began to understand the variations between the offerings of grapes and blends and could taste the nuances between the same type of wine at different locations. Basically, the only way to learn about wine and which of its many flavors you prefer, is to taste.

Graham already knew Wilson Ward and the Fisher Ridge Winery but I was introduced to Wilson’s expertise at Charleston’s Wine and All That Jazz 4 years ago. Held each year in June as part of Festivall, Wine and All That Jazz is a excellent way to enjoy tastings of many of  West Virginia’s vineyards during a day of jazz music.

Located in Putnam County, Fisher Ridge Winery is on about 50 acres in East Liberty. As it is a  small operation (Wilson just recently retired from his dental practice) visits must be pre-arranged.  The  laid back attitude and enjoyment of his “hobby” shows in some of the rooms,

cork ceiling

but the barrel room is full of equipment that shows the seriousness and dedication to producing quality wine.

Open houses are held a few times a year and that is when hordes descend on the winery to enjoy tastings of the wine, eat their fill of the wonderful food, and enjoy the benefits of purchasing in bulk. This year tee-shirts were also on sale. To be notified about the next Open House and other events email and request being put on the list.

Wilson reports that the Open Houses are a terrific marketing tool. About 100 people attend each time and spend, on the average, about $50.  He considers the expense to prepare the wonderful spread of appetizers well worth it. As an attendee, I know I will essentially be able to eat a lunch there. As a consumer, although we can purchase Fisher Ridge Wines at a local wine shop, we use the opportunity to purchase a case with a discount at the Open House.

Comments from people attending the Open House included:

  • “I usually drink whiskey, but if I drink wine, I drink Fisher Ridge.”
  • “I heard about Fisher Ridge about 15 years ago from a friend who went to Wilson for her dental care. She didn’t care about wine but I sure do.”
  • “I’m not a wino but the wife is. We came on the motorcycle so I can limit her purchasing a bit.”

Fisher Ridge offers quality wine with a range of tastes from sweet to dry. Wines are available for sale at several outlets throughout the state including the Capital City Market, Tamarack and Bottle and Wedge.

  • Tours and Tastings by appointment only. Call 304-389-2514
  • Liberty Hill, West Virginia
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  1. October 3, 2012 10:31 am

    You’ll find some excellent wines out here, too! 😉

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