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A New Revolution

September 17, 2012

The growing interest in local foods has its source in many areas. As indicated by the exit survey reported last week, most people who chose to shop at the new local food market in Huntington, The Wild Ramp, chose to do so to support a local business, thereby also supporting local farmers. However, as one person commented on Facebook, “I buy food there because it tastes good!”

Yes, food raised locally tends to taste much better because it is picked fresh and available in the market within a couple of days, compared to supermarket produce. Local grass-fed meat has a more complex flavor than the supermarket meats typically massed in feedlots for fattening on corn. Simply trying it will usually be the factor that helps you make the switch.

Since I started writing this blog last March I have become more and more aware of the rising tide of interest in local food across the country. West Virginia,, perhaps because much of the state has remained rural and close to its roots, is really doing a fantastic job with its increased number of  local farmers markets and use of high tunnels for a winter growing season. Nationally, West Virginia ranks in the top 25%  in the nation for providing fresh local food to its population.

Growing a portion of your food not only provides healthy great tasting food n your plate but it saves you money! Urban gardening efforts are increasing and clearly showing that massive acreage is not needed to provide fresh produce in season to a community.  Suburban use of front lawns to capture better sun for vegetable gardens have caused numerous conflicts. Communities have passed ordinances permitting back yard chicken coops but no roosters in residential neighborhoods. For those who feel the effort of a large garden is not a personal choice, information about container gardening has expanded to include pallets and 2 liter soda bottles.

All this fresh food assumes the desire by the consumer to cook. However, there will always be a segment of the population who will chose not to cook and for them efforts like Mission Savvy and Fish Hawk Acres Consumer Supported Kitchen provides a model of prepared healthy foods for sale.

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