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Who are the people who enjoy fresh farm food?

September 6, 2012

Who are the people excited about the growing availability of fresh farm food?  Since Huntington’s Wild Ramp Market opened in June, exit surveys have identified many different motivations for shopping there:

  • the foodie who seeks out fresh and interesting food to put on their plate often and always,
  • the vegan who is thrilled that there is a new source for tofu and fresh produce nearby,
  • the trendie who goes to places that are “HOT” and then returns because it feels good,
  • the retro who is seeking to return to the food they tasted when they had access to farm food as a child,
  • the smart shopper  who realizes that their food budget stretches further and the food stays fresher longer
  • the home town proud who manages not only to support the local market but the local farmers,
  • the annoyed who realizes their impact on the national economy is minimal but they can have significant impact on the health of the local economy by keeping their spending local 
  • the concerned who wants to know their farmer and avoid eating chemicals,
  • and more…what’s YOUR reason for eating local food?

As the excitement in the locavore food movment grows, there seems to be an angry component of people who are criticizing the lack of access to local food markets.  Recognition of food “deserts” has begun to grow and efforts are being made in inner city areas such as New York, Boston, Detroit and another one in Detroit,  Oakland,Kansas City, Chicago and Camden.  Even areas that might not be economically blighted and may have markets  like Vancouver,  and Baltimore have increased interest in growing food in the burbs.

This is NOT just an upscale “yuppie” movement. What all these people have in common is the DESIRE to eat local and the motivation to make that happen.

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  1. September 6, 2012 3:09 pm

    You pretty much covered my reasons… mostly health and taste and principle.

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