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Food in the Woods

August 13, 2012

Before civilization learned how to store seeds and nurture them each spring to a harvest some weeks later, we were hunters and gatherers. Heading out into the woods and finding some food is enjoying increasing popularity.  The best way to learn how to safely identify plants that will provide nutrition and be safe for you is to depend on some one to teach you.

Twin Maples Farm in Milton, WV offers a number of educational programs during the year. Sunday, August 12 they sponsored a Wild Mushroom Clinic. Taught by Rebecca Wood, retired professor from Hocking College’s School of Natural Resources, the clinic’s first section was a PowerPoint presentation on the various mushrooms that grow year round in our woods. Then we took to the trail at Twin Maples Farm and discovered:

pufferball stem-the deer must have eaten the good part

wild ginger

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We wandered in the woods on a trail cut for nature hikes first past some of the farm’s livestock and then into the woods.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Then back up to the farm, past the cattle and every one made the trek well!

Annette and Barney had lunch ready for us and we all were able to check out the mushrooms we had gathered

and the kids had a good time learning about the farm animals.

  • 24430 Ashton Upland Road
  • Milton, West Virginia 25541
Phone 1 (614) 558-5330
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    August 14, 2012 6:55 am

    interesting article-


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