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Coming of Age: The Wild Ramp

June 17, 2012

I have mentioned before that a dedicated and very active group of people in Huntington, after discussing a desire for better access to local farm products, seriously rolled up their sleeves last fall and are making it happen. After a naming contest on Facebook, the Wild Ramp has really begun to have a physical presence with a space at Heritage Station, Huntington’s first railroad station that has been turned into an interesting mixture of shops and artisan space. 

The space that is being renovated needed to be configured. The past three weeks have been active work time with group work days on Saturdays and nightly sessions by smaller parties. Demo has happened, new walls built, electrical and new plumbing worked on, and finish painting will happen very soon.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Donations for store fixtures are coming in, some requiring a bit of fix, but volunteers are helping. Large display coolers and freezers are next and leads are being chased.   Rental will be considered if needed to get the shop open and running.

Shopping at the market does not require a membership, but consumers are encouraged to pay an annual “Friend of the Market” fee which will include perks, such as specials, online ordering, bulk ordering, discounted classes and more, including a handmade shopping tote re-purposed from feed bags.

Farms that are located within 250 miles of Huntington are invited to participate.   The western edge of that circle will be pulled in to 100 miles as soon as possible, but the state of West Virginia will always be included in its entirety.

Right now we have 65 producers signed up to participate but few anticipated that the Wild Ramp  would get up and running as fast as it has, so all promise that their production will be better planned for next growing season.

We need more producers, especially for the winter months.  If you want to know more, contact me  and I will connect you with the right person.

The demand is here. The market will open in July!

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  1. June 17, 2012 2:24 pm

    Wishing the Wild Rampers the best of luck! Glad to see you making it happen!

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