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Photo of the Day-Companion Farm Animals

March 18, 2012

I try to get off the Interstate whenver we have time so we did that after we left Albany New York. Headed east into Vermont and then north. Beautiful mountains. We decided it looks a lot like West Virginia with wider valleys and longer vistas. The hills have more evergreens. Some of the trees are budding and the long view makes them appear fuzzy. The villages are quaint with a preponderance of antique houses with white clapboard and black shutters and tall spires on the churches. We passed through the village of Bennington which has an old part (1700s) up higher on the hill, a newer part (1800s) down lower and a huge obelisk war memorial erected in the 1850s on top of another hill. The obelisk is the highest structure in Vermont.

I know, you want to know about the camel…..well, we were almost to Burlington when we saw it and HAD to turn around to get a photo. All we were told was that camels and sheep are companion animals.  That’s it..sorry.



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